I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cash for Trash Wednesday

I’m still in a selling drought, and I am so thirsty!  Some folks seem to be doing okay, but my sales this past week were pathetic.  And, this week isn’t proving to be any better …

Here’s my top clothing sale from last week:

Columbia Titanium Royal Trek Women's Black Knee Pant 10 – sold $12.99 – paid $1

I had only 12 clothing sales and then one buyer backed out of a transaction.  Sigh …

I did have two sales from my store.  First, this lot of model trains and tracks, which have been in the garage for a couple years.  A neighbor, who was moving away, gave us a bunch of stuff from his garage, including these.  I put them in my eBay store and they sold in less than 2 weeks.

Ho Model Power Train Set Santa Fe Locomotive + 4 Cars + tracks – sold $19.99 – paid $0

Okay, so this is not exactly *trash* but it sold last week after being in my store since December.  I was happy for the sale!

Scrappy Christmas Quilt Northern Lights 47 x 60 NEW – sold $55.00

That’s it for last week!  Looks like July may turn out to be even slower than June.  I think, like me, most folks are just not in the mindset of buying.  It’s the summer, the days are longer, school’s out, and folks would rather be outside enjoying the warm weather. 

It was not a stellar week for sales, but it was not my worst week of the year – that dubious distinction goes to the first week in January.  Maybe next month sales will improve as folks start thinking about the year-end holidays.

Happy sales and hope ya’ll are doing better!


  1. sorry to hear you are in a selling drought. Hopefully it will pick up for you soon. I had a few good sales. I do BIN and not auctions. Im sure the nice weather is keeping people away from the computer.

  2. My ebay sales have been dismal for weeks. I'm hoping people will start spending some money soon!

  3. My sales are down too. C'mon people! Get your laptops and iPads down to the beach and shop! ;)

  4. Stopping by from the underground :). What a beautiful quilt! I hope your buyer loves it!