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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #18 Hand Painted MILDA Pansies Collector Plate

Starting Bid: $4.99
Winning Bid: $16.50
Paid: $0.99
From:  Goodwill
Ended: 8/24/08
Winner: Indianapolis, IN

Way back then, I would buy most collector plates – unless they were overpriced – that I ran across at thrift stores and garage sales.  I did sell a few; but for the most part, I had trouble selling them.  Now, with few exceptions, I don’t bother with them.

I do currently have two beautiful owl plates in my store that have been in my inventory for awhile.  I originally bought these plates for myself at a garage sale for $5 each.  No luck selling them so I think I’ll remove them from my inventory and just keep them.

I also recently bought a couple of Star Wars plates at an estate sale for $4 each.  With the recent hoopla over Disney’s Star Wars ride, I thought they might be good sellers.  But my research showed they don’t sell for much more than I paid, so I may just keep them (DS is a big Star Wars fan).  Or I may decide to sell them just to get my money back.  If I do, I won’t be listing them on eBay!

Back to the plate pictured above, I have no idea why it had multiple bids and sold for over $16; but I was thrilled to make 15 times what I paid!

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