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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Selling on eBay: DO YOUR RESEARCH … I BLEW It!

See my listing here.

I KNOW better!  I KNOW Diane Von Furstenberg dresses are high sellers!  So how did I blow this one?!

This past Thursday I went to the market next to GW and I decided to stop in for the heck of it.  I was happy to see that they had all their dresses on sale for $5.99 (regularly $7.99).  I found a few dresses that I thought would be good sellers and I could triple what I paid.  This Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress was one of them.  Last night, I finally listed them on eBay.

Two BIG things I did wrong on this dress:  (1) I DID NOT DO MY RESEARCH and (2) I DID NOT LIST IT AT AUCTION.  Two things that I ALWAYS do and didn’t do.  It cost me at least $65!

No excuse, but in my defense, I was tired and distracted.  I was anxious to list the dresses and get them sold so I could recoup my money.  DS#2 was in the room with me; we were watching a DVD we’d just rented; we were talking; and I was just not totally focused on what I was doing.

I’ve also been experimenting with free shipping and decided to list the dresses at a fixed price of $24.50 ($18.00 plus $6.50 for shipping) in my store, instead of doing an auction.  I always list auction first, then I do fixed price.  Why, oh why, didn’t I do that this time?  I lament!

This morning I woke up to find that my Diane Von Furstenberg had sold … yup, at $24.50 with FREE SHIPPING, no less.  I knew then I could have sold it for more, but how much more?  So I did a search for completed listings and found the exact same dress had sold for $90!!! Wow, that additional $65 would have been a nice chunk of change for a Father’s Day dinner at a nice restaurant.  Okay, I’ll stop kicking myself … for now! 

Wishing all the fathers out in blogland a wonderful Father’s Day filled with fun, laughter and love!


  1. Oh, man. I know that must have been disappointing. I bet you won't make that mistake again.

  2. Oh, I can feel your pain.
    But, think about this - you really made someone's day!!!

  3. don't feel bad. It actually takes two bidders to get an item high in auction. Just one that wants it in that size ends it with the opening price anyway. You might have gotten the same price unless you started it higher, you never know, so don't kick yourself!

  4. I suggest to do ebay research for free before actually selling something on ebay. It's just so easy, and saved me a few times - I am not saying though that I didn't make the same mistake :)