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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rags to Riches Challenge Week #21

Sales for June continue to be slow, but I have started to list more so my sales for this week have improved.  Last week’s sales, however, are a different story.

Had I sold that one Diane Von Furstenberg dress for $90, I would have had something to crow about! (Yes, I’m still lamenting. Read my post here.)  It was my top seller of the week:


DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Women's Black Silk Wrap Dress 8 – sold $24.50 & Free shipping

The shirt below had been taking up space in the closet for a couple years.  DH received it as a gift but never wore it … just not his style.  The buyer was from Discovery Bay, CA, which I’d never heard of.  It’s located about 60 miles from San Francisco and is a waterfront community of 3,500+ homes with private docks.  The buyer was thrilled with his new shirt so this was definitely a win-win situation!


NEW BAMBOO CAY Men's Blue Embroidered Resort Shirt M – sold $9.99

These maternity shortalls were already on their 4th week of listings when a bidder from Canada had the winning bid of $2.99.  However, they never paid so I relisted it … and they ended up selling at a higher bid.


MOTHERHOOD Maternity Beige Short Overalls Shortalls M – $9.00

A couple weeks ago, eBay had a promotion of 25-cent listing for any starting price.  I use this as an opportunity to list things at auction that I price over $9.99; and I may  also take things from my store and relist at auction.

I’ve always been a collector; and 25 years ago, I collected these Disney Musical Memories Music boxes.  I think I may have bought 14 out of the 20 figurines they offered.  I’ve given 6 of them to my kids, but the rest have been sold on eBay.

Here is one of the last two that I put up for auction:



I don’t remember how much I paid for them originally, but they’ve been on display, mostly collecting dust, so I decided to sell them.  I have the last one listed (Mickey Mouse Fantasia) in my store; and it won’t be long before it, too, sells. 

I’m including the music box in my weekly update since it was an auction sale (and sales have been so BAD), so here’s the bottom line …

Auction Sales #21: $149.53 Total: $5921.54
Cost of Goods: $81.79 Total: $1180.70
eBay & PP Fees: $27.71 Total: $1087.29
Total Net: $3653.55

Online sales for Week #21, including eBay store, totaled $170.96.  No matter cuz that’s STILL cash for trash!  Next week’s report should be better.

UPDATE:  Linking to My Dear Trash for their Trash to Cash Party!


  1. That Diane Von story tore me up! Great post, thanks or linking up to My Dear Trash.

  2. Oh no!!! Your buyer sure got a BARGAIN!!!! Such a pretty dress, too. I found my first DVF a few weeks ago and would have loved to keep it, wrap dresses are so flattering...but I am no size 8 and that dress was not going to grow. LOL.


  3. I'm sorry about the dress. I just did that a couple of weeks ago with a set of Fire King mugs. I could have gotten twice what I let them go for. *Sigh*

    Sales were going well until June 15th, and then HUGE slump. Nothing is moving at the moment!

    Hope you have better sales soon!

  4. The dress is so cute!

    Happy blogoversary :)