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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rag to Riches Challenge Times 4: Weeks #17-#20

This update has been long overdue!  I kinda took a break from eBay when DS#1 was home last month for a one-week spring break.  Then, there were weekend trips to San Francisco and San Diego, plus the Temecula Balloon Festival … not to mention a day at Disneyland a week ago.  Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of activity that has totally distracted me from eBay!

I know the summer months are normally slow and my sales have been REALLY slow this month.  I relisted about 39 auctions that just ended with only 7 sales … that’s pretty depressing.  Guess I’d better get back on track PRONTO with more listings!  Hope y’all are doing better!

Here are my best sellers from the past four weeks:


COLDWATER CREEK Women's Linen Red Dress Sz 6 – sold $9.99


LEVI'S 560 Loose Fit Straight Leg Denim Jeans Size 10 – sold $10.99


NEW GLORIA VANDERBILT Sage Green Belted Capri Pants 18 – sold $13.06


NEW ROFFE JETT PANT Black Ski Pants Stirrups Sz 10 Long – sold $34.99

Nothing spectacular … no Disney Pixar shirts!  Most of my listings were items that were relisted as auctions at a lower price.  I’ve also been relisting some items in my store at regular price, like the brand new Roffe Jett Ski Pants.  This was the second pair of ski pants I’ve sold; paid fifty-cents each.  Who would have thought these would sell during the warmer weather? 

I’ve also been offering free shipping on some of my clothing items.  If an item doesn’t sell at $2.99, then I’ll relist it in my store between $9.99 and $12.99 with free shipping.  This actually seems to be working.  Take these Ann Taylor pants, for example:


ANN TAYLOR Women's Ann Brown Lined Slacks Pants Size 8 – sold $12.99

I listed these pants at auction 4 weeks in a row, each time discounting the price, all the way down to $2.99, with no sale.  I was about ready to donate them, but they’re REALLY nice pants so I decided to give them one last chance.  I listed them at $12.99 with free shipping; and they sold within 24 hours.  My profit was actually more than if they had sold at $2.99 plus shipping.  Free shipping + the right buyer = a winning combination!

So, here’s the bottom line … bleak as it is:

Clothing Sales #17-#20: $288.92 Total: $5772.01
Cost of Goods: $109.61 Total: $1098.91
eBay & PP Fees: $62.76 Total: $1059.58
Total Net: $3613.32

Only 4 more weeks left of my self-imposed challenge.  I’m hoping for better sales!  Online sales for the past four weeks, including eBay store, totaled $614.52.  That’s STILL cash for trash! 


  1. Ski pants in this heat?! Never would have thought that would work! Great job!
    Sales have definitely slowed down for me too (right now I have over 200 auctions listed and only 5 have bids). I've wondered if I should start playing around with changing my free shipping listings to shipping extra. I'm selling mostly craft items (I've collected *tons* over the years) so I'm thinking that maybe I'd get multiple sales if I had shipping extra and combined shipping. I can understand that people don't want to buy multiple items when they are basically paying for shipping on each item since it is built into the cost.
    Glad the free shipping worked for you though! I think for clothing it might work better since there is less chance for multiple sales to the same buyer although I don't have much experience with it.

  2. nice experience~ great job,I have never sold some thing in ebay.