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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top Rated Seller – Easy Come, Easy Go!

So I got my Top Rated Seller status back this past Friday.  By Monday, it was gone! When I think about it, all I want to do is laugh! Item as Described  seems particularly subjective for sellers who sell clothing.
A buyer purchased a pair of pants and didn’t bother to read the listing. Nor did she bother to contact me to let me know she was unhappy with the pants. Instead, she left negative feedback and a low DSR.  She is an eBay newby – and this was her first transaction.  Ugh!

This highlights the flaw in eBay’s DSR system.  Right or wrong, a buyer can leave low DSRs even if the seller does everything right to resolve a problem.  Sellers feel discouraged, frustrated, demoralized, and even depressed.  Sellers may even feel blackmailed by buyers.  If you don’t do what I want to make me happy, I will leave you low ratings.  How can these atmosphere be good for anyone?  eBay needs to change their policy!

Everyone knows eBay is struggling to stay competitive in the online marketplace.  Because of the many changes they have put into place over the past couple of years, they have lost many good sellers.  I read this article from AuctionBytes.com about a seller who was selling $70,000-$110,000 on eBay, paying them about $13,000 a month in fees.  After his sales plummeted due to eBay’s Best Match, he closed his eBay account and built up his own website.  He now projects sales of $2-$3 million.  eBay recently contacted him to lure him back.  His answer: NO THANKS!

Due to eBay’s new fee structure which goes into effect in July, no doubt many more sellers will leave before the end of the year. Many sellers, like me, are playing a wait-and-see game. 

In the meantime, I have my booths with Bonanza and Etsy; and I’m looking into eBid and eCrater.  While neither of these have the number of buyers as eBay, I suspect (hope) this will change in the not too distant future, especially because consumers are now using Google to search for product and finding it on other sites. 


I recently sold this retro Rubbermaid canister set from my Etsy booth.  The buyer had never heard of Etsy, but found it after doing a Google search.  Many of my Bonanza sales are also from first time buyers.  Hmmm, I see, I see … I see the writing on the wall! 


  1. Amen, new eBay buyers are the absolute worse and seemed to be very quick to post negative feedback. They're rookies who don't know how the system works.

    I never gave a hoot about being a "top rated" seller. To me that's eBay's way of trying to manipulate you. My feeling is this - if you got an item buyer's want, they will bid whether you are "top rated" or not.

    You may want to try: http://www.ioffer.com/ I've sold some stuff there....Dude@Moneyinthegarage

  2. Just added another buyer to my blocked list :)
    I hate it when you don't even get a *chance* to satisfy a buyer. No contact from them, just the feedback.

    I agree with Dude that buyers don't care about Top Seller status (I certainly don't and I'm mainly a buyer on ebay), but the discounts on fees are a shame to lose out on.

    I think the only way that ebay would ever change is if more sellers leave. Thanks for the link to the article on Fuji Arts, that was an interesting read.

    It seems like ebay would want to make it *more* appealing to sell their site rather than less appealing.
    Need to check out some of the other venues you've mentioned.

  3. I am also checking out other venues. I opened a Bonanza booth, even though I have nothing in it yet. Soon, soon. I also am looking into webstore and ebid as well. I looked at an article that rated the top 20 web auction sites. Couldn't hurt to branch out some!

    I believe I am already getting charged the fees that are supposed to go into effect in July. I sold a dress and collected a total of $19.75 from the buyer. Ebay charged a FVF when the item sold on the actual cost of the dress, and then I was charged a FVF on the shipping once I purchased the label. Ebay fees on the sale AND shipping were $1.89 and the paypal fees were $0.86. Then shipping costs and deducting the actual cost of the item doesn't leave much.

    Sorry about your TRS status! I have a newbie buyer bidding on one of my items. Fingers crossed they get outbid!!

  4. After reading this story and others, I'm not sure I want to use ebay as a venue to sell my great fashion finds. I opened an account, but no listing as of yet. Thanks for the information.

  5. I actually saw your negative feedback before you wrote this entry, as I was perusing your listings one day. My heart sank when I saw the comment. What more could you have done to describe these pants?? Not only did you say CROPPED and CAPRI, but you gave full measurements.

    It's frustrating that the fate of our businesses lies in the hands of people who don't bother to read clear, plain descriptions.

    Good luck to you!

    P.S. I've blocked that buyer too. Maybe we should set up a shared blocked list... :)