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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rag to Riches Challenge Times 2: Weeks #15 and #16

Weeks #15 and #16 began the next 3-month period of my Rag to Riches Challenge.  The first 3 months of my challenge grossed almost $4,500 in sales!  The summer months tend to be slow for eBay sales, with folks going on vacation and spending more time outdoors, but I hope to do as well if not better during this next 3-month period.

Here are my top sellers for the past 2 weeks.  I paid $1.00 for the pants and between $2-$3 for the other items:


MOTHERHOOD Maternity Brown with Dots Sheer Dress Sz S – sold $16.00


MOTHERHOOD Maternity Red White Sleeveless Dress Sz M – sold $18.50


EDELWEISS Women's Black Wool Blend Ski Pants WITH Stirrups – sold $19.99


BRAND NEW CASUAL CORNER Women's Blue Silk LS Blouse Sz 14 – SOLD $20.00


Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cream Linen Drawstring Pants 44x30 – SOLD $31.00


BRAND NEW GAP White Lined Gore Flare Linen Skirt Sz 8 – sold $37.02


BRAND NEW QUACKER FACTORY Jacket Pink Butterfly Wreath Sz 3X – SOLD $41.00

In my last post, I showed you a couple of Reyn Spooner shirts I had up for auction.  I shared the link for the listings and some of you already know how much these sold for.  Here they are with Final Bid amount … Drum roll, pleeeze!!


REYN SPOONER DISNEY PIXAR CARS Men's Shirt Sz M – sold $66.72



Holy smokes!  I had no idea how collectible these shirts are.  I was at my fave SA store and was already in line to pay when I spotted these shirts in the rack next to me.  I paid $2.50 each, hoping to get $14-$20 each on eBay.  Within hours of listing them, I knew I had a hot item. 

My first clue was an email from someone who was willing to pay $50 for the Ratatouille shirt if I would end the auction early with Buy It Now.  My policy is not to end auctions early, but $50 for a used shirt was tempting.  My next clue was the shirt already had 3 bids within a few hours of listing it.

I discovered that Reyn Spooner no longer makes the Disney Pixar shirts, and there is a whole group of folks who are avid Disney Pixar fans willing to pay big bucks for these shirts!  Definitely grab these if you find them!

Here’s the bottom line:
Auction Sales #15 #16 $935.89 Total: $5483.09
Cost of Goods: $106.58 Total: $989.30
eBay & PP Fees: $217.90 Total: $996.82
Total Net Profits: $3496.97

I’ll continue my recap in future posts by discussing shipping, returns, feedback, customer service plus more.  Hope you come back!


  1. Holy moly! YOU GO!!!!!!!!! Dang thats cool to read! I wonder sometimes about putting everything in my store. I do well but I'd never price a Gap skirt for $30.00! And the Reyn spooners probably $20.00.

  2. found your blog/website while looking at Reyn Spooner Disney shirts. I havent done much with thrift shops recently as I have a lot of stuff to sell plus my mom's estate (a fancy word for bunch of "stuff"). Most Reyn Spooner even non disney are over $100 and the disney are really popular. Good for you. Glad I found your site - nice look and nice job