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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rag to Riches Challenge Week #11

Another mediocre week but better than Week #10.  It certainly does pay to list more.  I listed 76 auctions, with 60 of those for clothing.  28 of these ended in sales.  Here are my top sales:


HOT COTTON Women's Coral White Print Crop Pants Sz 2X ~ sold $9.00


VICTORIA'S SECRET Women's Navy Blue Sheer Negligee Sz M ~ sold $9.00


TALBOTS Women's Beige Casual Stretch Slacks Pants Sz 14 ~ sold $9.38


J JILL Women's Black Rayon Travel Skirt Plus Size 4X ~ sold $11.05


ANN TAYLOR LOFT Women's Long Sleeve Wrap Dress Sz 8 ~ sold $12.50


AVENUE Women's Purple Stirrup Casual Pants 22/24 Avg NEW ~ sold $12.50

No real big sellers, but I only paid $0.50 for the pants and $1-$2 for the dresses & skirt.  I may not be selling high-ticket items, but I make my money in quantity.  That’s why it’s important to list as much as I can.  Ideally, I’d like to list 100 items per week.  The weeks when I do  list the most are usually my best weeks.  You could argue that it takes just as much time to list an item that sells for $50+ as it does to list one for $9.99.  Well, I can’t always find that product and so far reselling clothes has been making a nice profit for me. 

Here’s how we did this week:

Auction Sales: $261.16 Total: $3448.46
Cost of Goods: $78.10 Total: $709.45
eBay & PP Fees: $57.19 Total: $688.10
Total Net Profits: $2050.91

Well, I finally reached and passed $2,000!  And although I haven’t been able to save the money for home improvements, I am glad the money was there when I needed to pay the dentist, the auto mechanic, and to make that extra car payment.

Online sales, including eBay store and Bonanza, totaled $429.19.  Now that’s CASH FOR TRASH!  Come back tomorrow and Friday for more updates.

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