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Friday, April 29, 2011

Rag to Riches Challenge Times 2: Weeks #12 and #13

This week marks 3 months of my self-imposed challenge.  I started this challenge in February after being inspired by the wonderful ladies of My Dear Trash, Laura and Kelly.  Here is my first post about my challenge.

Kelly is once again doing another BIG challenge.  This time she wants to earn $5,000 in 6 weeks to pay for her daughter's wedding.  She’s halfway through the challenge and has more than 50% met her $5,000 goal!  She is truly awesome.  Read all about her challenge here; and I hope it’ll inspire you the way I was to take the leap to sell trash.

Next week I’ll do a 3-month recap of my clothing sales and expenses. Next week’s post will include the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Things like what I’ve learned about name brands, sizes, days and times to list, etc.  There’s been a lot of  trial and error, that’s for sure!  But it’ll also show how selling trash has made a difference in my pocket book.

I know I’m behind one week, so I thought I'd just combine the last two weeks into one.  Here are my top sellers of the past 2 weeks:


FRESH PRODUCE Women's Coral Casual Crop Pants Sz L – sold $11.17


MOTHERHOOD Maternity Black Sleeveless Dressy Dress Sz L – sold $12.51


OSCAR DE LA RENTA Black Lined Wide Leg Pants 12 – sold $16.25


TOMMY HILFIGER Denim Jeans Cropped Jacket Size L – sold $20.50


RALPH LAUREN White Casual Slacks Pants Sz 12 – sold $26.00


LAPIS Anthropologie Floral Print Gore Skirt  M – sold $34.05

Here’s a real wild card that sold the first time … well, sort of:


Groovy Pair Corduroy Bell Bottom Pants Asphalt Blue 5 – sold $7.50

I don’t know what possessed me to buy these pants, but they reminded me of the 60s and 70s.  Those hip-hugging bell bottoms were all the rage.  And at only fifty cents, I thought I’d take a chance with them.  In my description I added they would be great for a costume or dress up outfit.  I was really glad when they sold!  Only problem is the buyer hasn’t paid and me thinks they’re not going to go through with the sale, especially because they have 0 feedback and this was their first eBay purchase. Oh, well …

On a better note, remember this board game I posted about here:


Cashflow Cash Flow 101 Rich Dad Poor Dad Boardgame Game

I paid $1.00 for it at a garage sale; and it sold at auction for $40.00.  Woo, hoo!

So, here’s the bottom line:

Auction Sales #12 #13 $845.29 Total: $4293.75
Cost of Goods: $95.75 Total: $805.20
eBay & PP Fees: $148.48 Total: $836.58
Total Net Profits: $2651.97

With sales from this week, I hope to reach $3,000 in profits from selling trash, just from clothing auctions.  Does not include sales from my store, although for the past couple of months store sales have been pretty dismal.  I’m sure it’s because I’ve been concentrating on clothing and haven’t been adding new merchandise.  Something to work on …

Online sales for the past two weeks, including eBay store, totaled $946.46.  Now that’s CASH FOR TRASH! 

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  1. Good score on the cashflow game! Those groovy pants are cool. They would be great for an Austin Powers costume. I'm too chicken to sell clothes. I try not to sell anything that has to fit or work. lol. My niche is anything that is small, old and made of metal. So far it's working for me. :)

  2. I've wanted that game for about 6 years. I keep my eye out in all the op shops - but only found a book that goes with it so far.

    You have given me hope :-) It will come my way one days soon.

  3. I'm awed. I'm not there yet, but know I will be joining you. Thanks for these posts.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed every week at how much you are able to sell!
    Really looking forward to your next post to learn about different brands.
    I was at a garage sale this past weekend and there was a lady selling tons of jeans for .50 but I had no clue if they would sell well on ebay so I passed on them. Probably will kick myself after reading your next post but I'll know better next time I'm out what to look for. Who knows, maybe I can contact her and see if they are still available.