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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reseller’s Listing Challenge ~ Now Complete

This was a great challenge for me because it got me serious and motivated about my reselling business. It was one of my best months selling online. Here are my numbers:

  • Goal for the month: 100 items listed in my eBay store and 20 auction items
  • eBay items listed since Feb 1st: 20 store and 150 auction
  • eBay Store items (from listing challenge only) that sold: 3 (so sad)
  • Value of Store items sold from listing challenge: $ 28.97 (a pitance)
  • Total Sales of Auctions & Store items in the last 7 days: $ 335.50
  • Total Sales of Auctions & Store items in the last 30 days: $1531.28
  • Sales from other venues: Etsy $130.
  • Total Sales for February: $1661.28 - this is actual sales and doesn't include fees, shipping cost and cost of goods.

My clothing auctions were about 44% of my sales. Of the 130 total items sold in Feb, 72 were from my store and 1 from Etsy. Average price per item was about $13. Better than in the past, but need to do better. My biggest gripe?  The eBay & Paypal fees … they take such a big chunk. 

This challenge has made me rethink how I'm managing my reselling business. I am thinking, wondering, if I'm better off downgrading my eBay store to basic and keep selling clothes at Auction plus a few items in my store. I now average between 500-600 items in my store. Perhaps I should move some of my thrift, vintage items to Etsy, plus look into selling on Amazon and Craigslist? Hmmm …

Right now I have all my eBay items also listed on Bonanaza, but that has not worked out very well since opening my booth over a year ago. I have made less than 10 sales on Bonanza so I’m thinking of shutting that down. Definitely eBay is the place where the buyers are.  This is something I'll be looking at over the next month or two.

A big THANK YOU to Selena at Apron Thrift Girl for hosting this challenge, and to everyone who participated … thank you all for sharing so much!

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  1. Wow! you have been doing well! I have the same gripe about the fees. I always post ike c razy whe they do the 100 free items, or last month it was 50. I have been wondering the opposite when it comes to the ebay store, I have just been selling item by item and have been wondering if it would be more beneficial to do a store, if the fees would be less, what do you think? What does a basic ebay store entail?
    Thanks for following my blog
    I'm excited to look through your blogs, I love to yet am a novice quilter, but I can see you like me have several blogs too.
    Happy thursday!