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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rags to Riches Challenge ~ Week #7

It was another great week … the best so far!  The weather must be warming up because dresses and swimsuits have been selling.  I listed 52 new items at auction and relisted 18, for a total of 70 auctions this week.  Lots of work, but it’s for sure: more listings equal more sales.  Here are some of my top sellers:


FRESH PRODUCE Women's Cotton T-Shirt Shift Dress Size L ~ sold $10.51


JAMS WORLD Art Print Spaghetti Straps Dress Women's Sz L ~ sold $11.61



2874 (2)

Chico's Travelers Brown Flare Hem Long Skirt Sz 2 Large ~ sold $16.00


TOMMY BAHAMA Men's Silk Blue Casual Resort Shirt Sz M ~ sold $16.51

Even though this Tommy Bahama shirt had a missing button, the shirt came with 2 extra buttons, so I was thrilled when it sold for $16.51.  Unfortunately, when I was shipping it, I discovered a few small white spots on the back.  I offered the buyer a full refund; but he was still interested in the shirt.  In the end, he paid $2.00 (my cost) plus shipping for the shirt.  He received the shirt, was happy with it, and still left me positive feedback!

ANN TAYLOR LOFT Women's Black Sleeveless Dress Size 10 ~ sold $21.75


ST JOHN COLLECTION Blue Black Tweed Boucle Skirt 4 ~ sold $30.99


ST JOHN COLLECTION Black & Cream Knit Skirt 4 ~ sold $46.00

… and my top seller of the week:

TOMMY BAHAMA Men's Silk Black Casual Resort Shirt XXL ~ sold $53.99

I totally scored when I found the St. John skirts and the one Tommy Bahama shirt at the thrift store!  Of course, I can always count on Ann Taylor, Fresh Produce, Chico’s and Jams World for a good sale.

So, here’s my wild card of the week:

NEW FUBU Men's Black & Red Athletic Shoes Sz 13 M ~ sold $20.00

Someone gave these shoes to DH, but they’re not our style so neither one of my boys would wear them.  I finally decided to sell them on eBay.  Originally priced at $35.00 then reduced to $19.99, I listed them at $9.99, certain they would not sell on the first round.  Was I wrong!  They received a bid within 24 hours, and ended up selling for $20.  Because they were free, that was 100% profit … ka-ching!

And, guess what?  I found more St. John skirts and Tommy Bahama shirts this week at the thrift store.  Not only that, but the 2-for-$1 special on women’s slacks was back this week … yahoo!  And since dresses and skirts have been selling well, I stocked up on those as well.  Will be listing them all this weekend …

Here’s how we did for Week #7:
Auction Sales:
Total: $1725.28
Cost of Goods:
Total: $449.35
eBay & PP Fees:
Total: $316.77
Total Net Profits:

Next week is looking to be another good week.  I’m trying something different by listing a lot of my store inventory (non-clothing) as auctions.  We’ll see how that works and where we go from there …

Store sales picked up a little this week, so my total online sales, including eBay store, were $612.29!  Now THAT’S cash for trash!

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