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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rags to Riches Challenge ~ Week #5

Week #5 of my challenge ended on Sunday 2/27, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since I started my challenge.  It was another busy week and I was able to list 31 new items and relisted 11 more items.  Of these, 15 items sold.

Here are my best sellers:

DENIM & CO Women's Sz 18W Aqua Crop Capris Pants ~ Sold $10.50


JAMS WORLD Men's Hawaiian Resort Casual Shirt Sz XL ~ Sold $12.60


HILO HATTIE Hawaiian Sleeveless Long Dress Sz 2X ~ SOLD $16.48


JAMS WORLD Casual Resort SS Long Dress Sz Med ~ sold $20.50


FRESH PRODUCE Cotton T-Shirt Shift Dress Sz XL ~ Sold $21.57!  Who would have thought?!

… and my top seller of the week:

TOMMY BAHAMA Jewel of the Isle Silk Camp Shirt Sz L BRAND NEW ~ Sold $45.00

I paid only $0.50 for the aqua capris and have also sold a few of the other slacks I bought at the SA for $0.50.  Not as many as I would like, but am still thrilled that my $43.00 purchase has netted over $265.00 in sales … and counting!

I am also surprised that the spring and summer dresses are selling so well.  Tommy Bahama and Jams World are always a sure thing, but the Fresh Produce t-shirt shift was a surprise.  Thanks to My Dear Trash for the tip!

So here’s the update:
Auction Sales Wk #5: $244.81 Total: $988.88
Cost of Goods Wk #5: $42.00 Total: $304.39
EBay & PP Fees Wk #5: $30.17 Total: $167.95
Total Net Profits: $516.54

It was a slow week for store sales as I sold less than $200 for the week.  But total online sales, including eBay store, were $391.82!  Now THAT’S cash for trash!

It has finally stopped raining and the weather has been very nice, so it’s time to hit the yard-garage sales!  I hope I find lots of treasures tomorrow cuz it’s time to crank things up a bit!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. wow thats really good going!! Well done you :o) Scarlett x