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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Treasures Thursday

Now that January’s come and gone, the pickin’s at the thrift store have been pretty slim.  Haven’t found much of anything lately.  And what about those prices?  There must be some kinda competition going on with the thrift stores, the gasoline companies and the post office cuz their prices keep going up, up … and away!
But a couple days ago I did manage to find these two beauties.  They are the apple and pear from the Fitz & Floyd Le Jardin Potagere Lidded Boxes collection.  The top comes off like a sugar bowl or cookie jar.  This line is retired and I would guess these are about 8-9 years old.
They are made of porcelain and absolutely beautiful in perfect condition.  They were each $3.99, but well worth the money.  As much as I want to keep them, I’ll probably list them on eBay.
About a week ago, I found this buckle and belt at my local GW.  The buckle is from Kaiser Steel and was a safety award.  It’s beautiful but it caught my eye because Kaiser is commonly associated with the Kaiser Permanente HMO.  I did some research and was fascinated with the local history associated with this buckle.

I discovered that Kaiser Steel had one of the largest steelmaking plants in the world in Fontana CA; and the Kaiser health organization was started for the employees of Kaiser Steel.  The steel plant was originally built during WWII to provide steel to the shipyards.  Sadly, the plant closed down in 1983 and a portion of it is now the Auto Club Speedway.

I was very tempted to keep the buckle & belt, but decided to sell it on eBay.  I bought it for $4 and it sold for $16.00 to a buyer from Oakland CA.  I think this was a great flip … not only did I make a few bucks, but I also received a lesson in local history.  Isn’t thrifting great?!

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  1. Love the Fritz& Floyd! When I buy them for resale they somehow like my home and never make it to ebay.

    Have a good day,

  2. Those Fitz and Floyd pieces are so pretty and I think that is a great price for them. Love the history of Kaiser. Good finds for sure. Thanks for linking up to JFF this week! hugs, Linda

  3. Looks like you did pretty good even if you thought the pickins were slim. Great job.

  4. I came over to see that belt buckle! VERY cool! Pickens have been slim too...waiting for "spring cleaning/garage sale" weather to kick in...

  5. We had Kaiser shipyards up here, too. I love flips like that; besides the cash, the seller learns something from the research and the buyer gets a tangible piece of history.