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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resellers Listing Challenge: Week #4

When Selena at Apron Thrift Girl invited us to join her Reseller Listing Challenge for the month of February, I immediately signed up.  I was already highly motivated after reading My Dear Trash, but Selena’s challenge brought it up to high gear. 

My goal is to list at least 100 new items in February.  So far I’ve listed 73 new items and 32 of these have sold.  Because selling online is a numbers game – the more you list, the more you make – Selena’s challenge has been a great motivator to get that old inventory listed and hopefully sold.

But selling online is time consuming – yes, it takes more time than you’d think.  Today, It took me 2 hours to list 10 items - that's 12 minutes per (that’s with interruptions).  It took me another 20-30 minutes to photograph 15 additional items.  Not to mention the 3 hours I spent at the thrift store yesterday getting inventory.  That’s an average of 10-12 hours per week … ok, let’s just round that up to 15 hours/week.

What does it mean? Well, since starting the challenge, I’m averaging about $400 in sales per week, which comes out to about $27/hour. Not too bad, but definitely can be better.  The first 2 weeks I listed about 23 items each week – very manageable.  But this past week I kicked it up a notch listing 35 items, and this week #4 I want to increase it to 50. So my 15 hours/week is quickly becoming 20/week. 

The real problem begins when I want to increase my listings and sales.  Although I’m now retired and I don’t have small children, balancing my daily activities and managing my time is still a challenge.  I’m thinking the answer to this challenge is organization and a time schedule.  Streamlining the listing process would also help so that I can list more items without having my business overtake my life.  Definitely something to work on.  It’ll be interesting to see if the additional listings and effort have any effect on my sales.

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