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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Thrift Stores Are Overflowing!

2011-01-11 16_06_33
If garage and yard sales are slow or non-existent in your area during January, then be sure to check out your local thrift store.  People love to declutter their homes for the new year, and thrift stores receive tons of donations in December.  Why?  Because folks are looking for a tax write off for the new year and need to get their donations in by December 31. 

Check out the picture above of my local GW’s donation center.  It was so jam-packed with donations that you couldn’t even walk in the door.  This is just a small section … the rest of the space is filled to the ceilings with wall-to-wall boxes and bags.

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago, and it’s all been cleared out by now.  But the store racks and shelves are filled with great thrifty treasures just waiting for you.  So hurry on over … run, don’t walk … to you local thrift store for some great thrifty buys!

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