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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cash for Trash Thursday

In last week’s Cash for Trash post, I mentioned the great flip I had with the Reed Barton dinner forks that sold for $50.  Here’s another great dinnerware flip I had this week.  I sold three of these discontinued Sango Quadrille Black Lilies dinner plate (pictured above) for $10 each; my cost for each plate was about $0.45!  I purchased a box of this dinnerware at an estate sale for about $8.00.  My total sales on this box?  $82.00 … more than 10 times what I paid!  I would not have been able to make this amount had I tried to sell it as a lot.

I am definitely not an expert on dinnerware, but I have found a few pieces that I’ve taken a chance.  I’ve sold some of the pieces pictured above for $9.00-$13.00 each, and each cost between $0.40-$0.60.  That’s a great return on my money!

I found a box of this brand new Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin at my fave GW store for $7.00.  This is not vintage but a newer pattern released in 2003.  I listed the plates individually, but sold the cups & saucers as a set.  So far all have sold except for three items.  Once these are sold, total sales on this $7 purchase will be over $150!

Thrifty Tip:  For the most part, cups and saucers do not sell well as most folks today prefer mugs.  I usually donate the cups & saucers as I make more than enough to cover the cost with the plates and bowls. 

I think this is one topic to seriously research and become more informed as it can be a real money maker!

What’s your “cash for trash” story?

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  1. Wonderful sales on your dishes! That is very encouraging for me as I love to buy dishes but have not tried to resale much. Thanks for joining JFF. hugs, Linda

  2. Great finds and turnaround profit!

    ~ Tracy