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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #15 Handmade Slingshot

Item #15: Handmade Slingshot from Riley’s Living History Farm

Paid:  N/A From: Riley’s Farm
Sold For: $9.99 Ended: 07/24/08
Winner:  California

This may not be the most profitable item I’ve sold, but it proves two things: (1) you can sell almost anything on eBay; and (2) NEVER throw anything away without first listing it on eBay!

One day a few years ago, DS#1 decided to clean out his room (yahoo!) and had a box of stuff to get rid of.  One of the items in this box was a sling shot we’d bought him years ago when he was little. 

I’d recently read a story by The Queen of Auctions about an old wood slingshot she sold for $10.  Looking at the picture, all I saw was a piece of wood or branch that you find in the street.  It didn’t even have the rubber sling.  I couldn’t believe that someone would actually pay $10 for it! 

So I immediately grabbed my son’s old slingshot and listed it in my eBay store for $9.99.  I was totally surprised – and thrilled – when it sold three weeks later!  And to think I was going to throw it away!

From that day on, I started looking at things with a different eye … and learned a valuable lesson: never give or throw anything away until you’ve listed it on eBay! 

For anyone looking to start selling on eBay, I recommend that you take small steps and learn as much as you can.  There are plenty of resources, and many are free online.  Even though I’ve been on eBay for over 10 years, I’m always learning something new; and that’s because eBay (and the world) is constantly changing.

One of my favorite resources is Lynn Dralle of The Queen of Auctions.  Lynn is an eBay Certified Provider; and I’ve read her books and every single one of her (free) newsletters!  It’s because of her advice that I’m still selling on eBay and making money!

I’ve also just recently stumbled across the eBay Selling Coach blog.  She offers loads of tips and strategies; and I’ve recently started using couple of her strategies.  She has her own website where she sells e-books, but you can download a few for FREE.

And, of course, there are all of you wonderful eBay sellers in blogland who are so generous with your advice and success stories … love reading those.  Thanks for the great tips!


  1. Hi - I just found your blog and thanks for all of the great info. I've been listing on eBay for many years and have seen lots of changes.

    I'm a worrywart at heart and wonder...is an eBay seller responsible for anything that happens with an item that they sold? For example, the slingshot that I just read about...if a buyer's child uses it and hurts someone, is the seller anyhow responsible?

  2. What an awesome sale! I love your blog.