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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekly Thrifty Treasures

I found some great treasures at the thrift stores this past week!  Look at this awesome white stoneware tureen from a California pottery that I found at the Goodwill for only $4.00!  It was originally priced at $7.99, but was half-off the day I was there.  It’s beautiful and in perfect condition, although it’s missing the ladle.

DSC02888 DSC02889
I also found this great pair of candle holders for $1.99 each and added a $1.00 candle.  Melissa @ 320*Sycamore posted about her Dollar Tree hurricanes which are inexpensive and easy to make.  And the two reindeer were $2.99 each. (BTW, the brass stocking holders were GW finds a few years ago.)

I also found this great brand-new candle warmer with the snowman for $3.00 (off-half).  It’ll replace this one for the holidays, which I also bought at the TS a couple years ago.  I love these candle warmers … they make the rooms smell wonderful!
This one is out year-round and sits on this vintage dresser in my formal dining room.  It was great for the fall, but the new snowman warmer is much better for Christmas.

BTW, I bought this vintage dresser AND mirror last year at a church rummage sale for only $15.00! What a deal! 

Update 2018: I sold both candle warmers on eBay in 2017 for a total of $43.55.  Unfortunately, I gave the dresser to DS#1 when he moved and he no longer has it.

Now for the fantastic deals I found at the Salvation Army this past Friday!  Every first and third Fridays of the month, the SAs in my area have everything at 50% off, which is the only time I shop there.  And this past Friday, everything that was Christmas was 75% off!  I bought 20 items, and my total for everything was $22.56 … that’s less than $1.13 per item!

Can you believe I bought all these quilts and wall hangings at the thrift store?  How sad is that?  I just knew I had to rescue them.

I paid a total of $8.50 for all 5 quilts … unbelievable!  The quilt top is shown on a queen size bed … I would have paid the $22.56 for that alone.  It is made with vintage fabrics.  It may not be perfect, but someone put a lot of effort into it.

This Nativity Set originally sold in 2000 for $24.95 at Rite-Aid.  The original receipt was still in the box and someone bought it on sale for $12.50.  The figurines are made of resin and it’s your common dime-store quality, but the price was right at $1.74.

Six boxes of 25 C-9 Christmas light bulbs.  They’re made in the Republic of China so I’m sure they’re not vintage and not quality.

But the price was right at $3.54, and they’d be perfect for making this:

You have got to check out the awesome wreaths by Suzy at The Wreath Blog or Georgiapeachez.

Some vintage books for $0.50 each to make some of these:
Wreaths made from old book pages.  These are inexpensive and easy to make; and look great!  You’ll find several tutorials by doing a Google search.

Lidded glass $2.88
Baby buggy planter $1.78
Christmas Nikko dinner bell $1.44 (no pic)
Ty Snowman $0.59
Cookie cutters $0.59

The little TY Snowman is perfect as an ornament for my Snowman Christmas Tree:

Isn’t this collection of baby planters adorable?  From Betty@MyMinkBetty.  I already have two that I received so this baby buggy will make three … ahhh, the start of a new collection!

And the cookie cutters will be used to make these easy and fun ornaments.  From Kate@CentsationalGirl.
white glitter star

I think I found some pretty good deals at the SA, but it was a mad house.  The poor clerks were so overwhelmed that I’m sure they made mistakes.  When I got home and compared my receipt with the items I bought, I realized they did not charge me for a couple of items.  I hate feeling guilty about things like this so I made a donation to my friendly SA bell ringer at Stater Bros.  Feel so much better!

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  1. You did great, Rita! I love that old fashioned light wreath..thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm not usually short on words to say but your post has left me practically speechless. Unbelievable finds my friend! Well done.

  3. I love the christmas light bulb wreath you plan to make with the amazingly priced bob (boxes of bulbs!) I'm a "Apron Thrift Girl Thrift Share Monday" visitor and loved reading you today!

  4. Amazing amount of finds. I'm completely flabbergasted.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now a fan.

  5. WOW!! great treasures this week! I love them all-I really think it's sad when homemade quilts get donated and afghans too-so much work went in to them and then poof donated
    so happy to have you link up to the Penny Worthy Project-hope to see you again next week!!

  6. Wonderful treasures! My favs are the Noel, Peace, Joy!

  7. Wow. Deal of the century on the quilts!

  8. You landed some real treasures! I love your wall hangings and your tureen. I have found several tureens at the thrift stores and they always are missing the ladles. I buy them anyway they are one of my favorite things.

  9. Wow, you really scored. I've never seen 75% off BEFORE Christmas. I love the colorful wreath, and those quilts are wonderful. I can't believe the prices. The quilt in that picture of our baby planters is one of Mom's prized possessions. $3 at the Goodwill bins, and we can't imagine how it ended up there, either. Your baby planter is very cute. I am officially jealous :)

  10. Wow is all I can say. First of all those quilts, they are wonderful. So glad you saved them. You found some wonderful Christmas items also. That was great that you made a donation, I bet the clerks were overwhelmed. Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday.

  11. Just amazing. Ooh I'm Jonesing to get out there and thrift! The quilts are amazing. I'm a quilt lover too. And that wreath will be so cool when you make it. Gives me ideas!~Ames