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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thrifty Treasures … Last One for 2010

A couple days before Christmas I had to pick up DS#2 from work; but as it turned out, he gave me the wrong time and I ended up with a couple of spare hours before he got off work.  What better way to hang-around than to hit the GW thrift store!  This particular GW is in another county and about an hour’s drive away from me so I’ve only been to it a couple of times over the past few years.

Oh, boy, did they have some great stuff!  They had shelves full of holiday items and were bringing more out while I was there.  My favorite find is the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign.  Originally from Marshall’s, it had it’s original price tag of $24.99 … I paid $6.99 for it and I love it!  

I also found the FAMILY  sign for $2.99 and a fantastic grapevine garland for only $3.99.  Not pictured are a 3-piece set of Cinderella Pyrex bowls, a small box of wood block ornaments, and a small Mexican vase.   Not only did I get a senior discount, but also a coupon for 25% off one item on my next visit.

Y’all know what’s next … yes, I went back the following day.  I kept thinking of all the wonderful stuff I put back … and the urge to go back was just too strong!  After dropping off DS#2 at work, I was at the GW right as it opened.  I bought some ornaments for $1.00 each; a baggie of 6 packs of unpainted wooden ornaments for $1.99; a snowman for my tree for $1.00; a candle gift set for $1.99; and some patriotic decorations for $0.99 each that I will use in a wreath for DD (post to follow).

I also bought the white vase with the two birds … there are no markings so I don’t think it’s vintage or of any real value, but I love the design.  My favorite finds on my second day are the vintage figurine of singing nuns from Japan and a set of 3 gold metal wire angels … yup, used my coupon for the angels.  Sorry there are no pictures of these as I packed them away as soon as I got home. 

I’m thrilled with my new thrifty treasures and think it’s a great way to end 2010!  What wonderful treasures have you found? 

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  1. Wow you found some great items. Most of the thrifts around here have been low on inventory but I'm hoping the urge to purge will result in lots more junk in the thrifts! After all I need stuff to show you for JFF! Thanks for joining in and Happy New Year! hugs, Linda

  2. Great finds, and you will have so much fun unpacking them for next year and remembering what goodwill you found at GW! I've never heard of GW giving coupons...that's nice and really encourages return shopping....like we need encouraging! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Oh What beautiful finds! It always makes one REALLY SMILE when you look at your treasures and know they were such a bargain... LOVE EVERYTHING you SCORED!!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    Hugs, Donna

  4. Lovin' your new bird vase, it's great! Happy New Year:@)