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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #13 Broguieres Glass Milk Bottle

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Item #13: Broguieres 1 Qt Glass Fresh Milk Bottle, Montebello, CA 

Starting Bid: $1.99 Winning Bids: $9.50-$10.50
Paid: $0 From: Neighborhood market
Ended: 06/22/08 Winners: MA, NY

These are actual fresh milk bottles that I purchased from a neighborhood market when I worked in San Gabriel, CA.  Of course, they were not empty when I bought them!

A co-worker had been buying this milk for years; and sometimes when he made a run to the grocery store, I would ask him to pick up a couple of bottles for me.  The milk is so delicious!  They also have the best chocolate milk.  And, during the holidays, you can buy eggnog in bottles with holiday designs. One of the bottles I sold is from Christmas 2000.

I returned most of the bottles, but kept these two.  I didn’t think there was much value in them because they are not vintage … well, at least at the time, they were not vintage.  A couple years ago, I saw that a bottle from this particular dairy sold for more than a few pennies.  I thought it’d be interesting to see what these two bottles would sell for … after all, they didn’t really cost me anything.  They sold for about $10 each … and to think I’d been returning these.

History: During the 1950s, more than 100 dairies in Southern California sold their milk in glass bottles. Now, that distinction belongs only to Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy in Montebello (CA).  Broguiere's has been in business since 1920 – that’s 90 years! – and is the last in the Southland to use glass bottles.  

Ernest Broguiere, a French immigrant from the Alps, began the dairy by purchasing a lemon grove on Maple Avenue, where the dairy's drive-thru milk stand still exists. When the lemon business failed to take off, Ernest bought a Holstein cow and several hundred glass bottles and started selling milk. With his horse-drawn wagon painted with the dairy logo, he delivered milk to doorsteps, and his business expanded.  At one time, the dairy had up to 150 cows producing milk on its 5-acre farm.

In 1965, Ernest's son, Ray Broguiere Sr., took over the business and made a few changes, including the painful decision to get rid of the cows and switched to being a milk producer.  But, thank goodness he kept the glass bottles. And, in 1975, Ray Broguiere Jr.  took over for his father and is the dairy’s current owner and president. He plans to pass on the business to his son Chris.

Today, the milk arrives in a tanker straight from cows on a San Jacinto farm.  Four times a week the milk is pasteurized, homogenized, cooled and then pumped into some 6,000 clear glass bottles. They remain the only dairy in California that sells their milk in glass bottles.

Update 2/15/2018:  Two years ago, the dairy was being threatened by a proposed railroad construction project.  Many feared the popular dairy would be closing down.  But thanks to a new project idea for a railroad overpass, the dairy has been saved and will remain in its current location where it has been since 1920 -- nearly a century!

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  1. I had no idea milk bottles were that collectible. Nice job!