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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #11 High School Yearbooks

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Item #11: Alhambra  High School Yearbooks (Bob Givens) and Monrovia High School Yearbook (Leslie Van Houten)

Starting Bid: $19.99 Winning Bids: $48.99-$49.99
Paid: $2.00 each From: Estate Sale
Ended: 06/15/08 Winners: CA & Washington

It’s always more fun to go garage saling with a friend; and when DH isn’t working, he will usually accompany me on my adventures.  It’s always better to have two sets of eyes … and he has a good eye. 

A couple years back, we went to an estate sale where he found a box of vintage high school yearbooks.  No one else was remotely interested in them; and, honestly, neither was I, but he thought they were interesting and maybe had some historical value.  There were 12 books and the seller wanted $2/book.  It just about killed me to pay $24!

Once home, I did some online research and discovered there is a whole community of folks who collect yearbooks … and many sell for a lot of money! I quickly listed all 12 books at auction with starting bids of between $9.99 and $19.99 each.  Eight yearbooks sold at auction; the 4 that didn’t sell were relisted in my eBay store and eventually sold.  That $24 investment turned into almost $300 in sales!! Thank you, DH!

The three that sold for the most are two from Alhambra High School (1936 & 1937) and one from Monrovia High School (1967).   The 1936 YB had some beautiful full-color artwork; and the 1937 YB had the legendary animator, cartoon designer and layout artist Bob Givens of Disney fame with some early cartoon drawings.

It’s the 1967 Monrovia YB that had the most infamous celebrity in its alumni.  Unfortunately, when I listed the book, I had no idea and my DH failed to mention it!  That infamous person was Leslie Van Houten, one of the Charles Manson followers, and currently in prison for murder.  I’m sure the book would have sold for much more had I mentioned this in my listing.  It wasn’t until the listing ended that someone emailed to ask if Leslie Van Houten was in the YB … too late for me to find out that yes, indeed, she was!

I still look for yearbooks when I’m out and about, but I’ve yet to find another mother lode like this one … so the search continues!


  1. Hi Rita - thank you for stopping by my blog! That's a cool story about the yearbooks! I have some great sales on eBay stories, too. It's more fun than than anything else! Lucky you that your husband has a good eye!

  2. I love this! I have been thinking of starting a series in the spring where we all share things that do great on Ebay or what to keep our eyes out for in our thrifting...what do you think??