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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #7 Jam’s World Hawaiian Shirts

Item #7: Jam’s World Hawaiian Shirt American Indian Sz XXL

Starting Bid: $9.99 Winning Bid: $76.05
Paid: $2.49 From:  Goodwill
Ended: 06/08/08 Winner: Texas

My DD is a chip off the old block and loves going thrifting and saling with me.  She is definitely more savvy about name brands and clothing; so she would go through the clothing racks at the thrift stores and pick a few items that she thought would sell.  I have to admit that she was fairly good at this, and I had modest success selling clothes. 

After she moved away (sadly for me), I continued selling men’s shirts, mostly large sizes, but eventually limited my sales to Hawaiian and resort shirts.  Again, I researched and learned as much as I could about name brands and which ones are more collectible.

Jam’s World Hawaiian Shirt Flower Friends Sz L

Paid: $2.49 From: Goodwill
Sold for: $14.99 Ended: 06/10/08
Winner: Oregon

Jam’s World shirts are highly collectible, and I was excited to find these two at the thrift store.  I paid $2.49 for each shirt, knowing these would sell well.  I listed them at auction with a starting bid of $9.99.  I could not believe it when the first shirt sold for more than $76.00!  What a score!

The second shirt did not sell at auction, but that was okay because I promptly relisted it in my eBay store with a fixed price of $14.99.  It sold within 2 days.  I probably should have relisted it at a higher price, but I’m still happy that my $4.98 investment sold for over $91.00!  Not too bad for used clothing!

HistoryFounded in 1964 by Dave Rochelan, Jam’s World is now a division of Surf Line.  Each Jams World® item is a limited production piece of wearable art and is like wearing a painting.  Jams World® fashions are released in four lines a year, and production is limited.  Sometime after 1995, Jams World® introduced print pattern names.  All this makes each Jams World® item essentially a collectable piece of art in addition to being a beautiful piece of clothing. Extremely popular, some collections contain 300-700 shirts!

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