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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #6 London Fog Trench Coat

Item #6: London Fog Women’s Trench Coat

Starting Bid: $4.99 Winning Bid: $24.54
Paid: $1.00 From: Estate Sale
Ended: 04/17/07 Winner: N/A

Although there are sellers who are very successful selling clothes on eBay, selling women’s clothing has not worked for me.  I’ve had some minor success selling outerwear for children and Hawaiian resort shirts for men, but clothing is not a big part of my inventory.  So I usually leave the clothes alone when I go saling and thrifting, although I may give them a quick once-over. 

But when I spotted this London Fog trench coat at an estate sale for only $1.00, I thought I’d take a chance.  With few exceptions, clothing does not sell well at estate sales, and sales prices are usually very low.  So at this low price, how could I go wrong?

This trench coat was in excellent, almost new, condition.  It had an interior liner and was really very nice.  It ended up selling for almost $25 … that’s 25 times more than I paid for it!  And even at that price, I do think the winning bidder got a great deal.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned during the past 10 years selling on eBay is to diversify my inventory.  If I limit my inventory to just one type of product or niche, I am really limiting my success … and therefore my profit.  So, if I think I can sell it and make a nice profit, I will buy it … whether it’s a knick-knack, a painting, a mug … or even a trench coat.  I always try to keep my mindset on product sourcing!

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