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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #4 Josef Original 14th Birthday Angel

Item #4: Josef Original 14th Birthday Angel 

Starting Bid: $2.99 Winning Bid: $36.00
Paid: $2.99 From: Salvation Army
Ended: 01/20/07 Winner: Bellevue, WA

When I was little, one of my aunts gave me a Birthday Angel.  I loved this angel and kept it on my dresser; but after so many years, I no longer have my birthday angel.  When my daughter was born, I wanted to give her a Birthday Angel for each of her birthdays.  But as things go, this never happened.

So when I saw this birthday angel at a very reasonable price of $2.99, I knew I had to buy her.  She was in excellent condition, but didn’t have any of her original tags or packaging.  She was also not one of the original designs, but instead was a new reproduced design by Applause.  I never thought she would sell for 12 times what I’d pay!

History:  The first birthday angels were made in California from 1945 to 1962 by artist Muriel Joseph George, who created Josef Originals. In 1959, Muriel and her husband Tom traveled to Japan to train workers to produce Josef Originals. By 1962, the days of producing Josef Originals in California were over.  They were then manufactured in Japan, and business boomed again for Josef Originals. Muriel remained active in Josef Originals for another twenty-odd years, until she retired in 1981.  Muriel passed away in 1992.

George Good bought the company in 1982, and sold it in 1985 to Southland Corporation.  The Josef Original name now belongs to Applause, Inc., which has been making copies of earlier pieces and are signed “Josef Originals by Applause or by Dakin”.   For more information, visit the Collections of Josef Originals site.

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