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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay ~ #10 Vintage Vogue Ginnette Doll Bed Crib

Starting Bid: $6.99 Winning Bid: $31.00
Paid: $1.99 From: Goodwill
Ended: 06/15/08 Winner:  CA

When I first saw this Baby Ginnette Doll crib, I passed it up because it was in very used condition.  But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I should go back to grab it … after all, it was only $1.99.   Luckily, it was still there.

After bringing it home, I began to have second thoughts about listing it.  For a few minutes, I even had visions of repainting it, decorating it with decals, and then selling it.  But that just seemed like too much work, and in the end I listed it as is.  Good thing I did because I think it’s real value was in the name “Ginnette” with the original designs. 

Little did I know at the time that the crib was about 50 years old and in relative good condition for the secondary market.  I would have been happy if it’d sold for $10, but it ended up selling for $31.00 … more than 15 times what I paid … even without its original bedding! I can only imagine what it’s worth in mint condition.

History:  "Ginnette" was made by the Vogue Doll Company between 1955-1969;  and was introduced as the baby sister of the very popular Ginny Doll.  She was an 8” drink-wet doll, and some of her outfits even matched sister Ginny's.

Ginny’s roots go back to 1922, when Jennie Adler Graves established Ye Olde Vogue Doll Shoppe in her home in Massachusetts, and began dressing and selling imported German dolls to a well-known Boston department store.

Success followed success until 1948, when Mrs. Graves introduced an 8" plastic doll, the forerunner to Ginny. Storeowners and consumers alike loved the new doll; and in 1951, Ginny was officially born, named after Jennie's daughter Virginia.  By 1957, Ginny had reached over five million dollars per year in sales.

Mrs. Graves retired in 1960, and her daughter Virginia and son in law Edwin Nelson continued to lead the Vogue Doll company until Virginia's retirement in 1966. The company was then run entirely by Mr. Nelson until 1972 when he retired and the Vogue name was sold to Tonka Corporation.

Between 1972 and 1995 Ginny had a succession of owners.  But in 1995 Ginny was once again reunited with The Vogue Doll Company name.  (For more information go to www.voguedolls.com)

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