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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

It’s show-and-tell time!  Be sure to check out Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Bloggeritaville where you can showcase your thrifty treasures and see what others have found. I’m really jazzed about this week’s thrifty finds!

What you see in this picture is the start of another collection, a collection of California Missions.  These limited edition porcelain replicas of the California Missions were created by Midwest Canon Falls for Mervyn’s Department stores in the late 1990’s when Mervyn’s became involved in the restoration of California’s historic missions in 1997.  I believe that a portion of the revenue generated by the sales of these replicas was used to fund preservation efforts of the 21 missions. They were only distributed for a very limited time and sold out very quickly.

These are now hard to find and sell for an average price of $35 on eBay.  I was so happy to find these 5 missions for $7.99 each at my local GW this past Monday.  I also found 3 accessory sets and 3 ornaments.  All came with their original boxes, except for one.  I plan to keep them all on display during Christmas.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an interest and love of the California missions.  My mom and dad would take me to visit the missions that were nearest to us.  They are rich in California history.  Sadly, many of them have fallen into disrepair due to lack of funds.  So, I’m very happy to see that an effort is being made to preserve these beautiful missions.

Until next time …

Happy thrifting and Goodwill Haunting!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thrifty Treasures and eBay Sales

Thank you to everyone who has come by to visit!  I’ve been blogging for less than 3 weeks and already feel at home on blogland. Special thanks to everyone who left such wonderful comments about the great treasures I found this past Saturday.  Seems that the SOAP box with the two hot/cold handles is the favorite!

Last month, I purchased this cute vintage plush raccoon from a rummage sale at a local church.  I paid $2 for him, more than I would normally pay; but he is a Pot Belly Raccoon by Daekor from 1980.  My DD had one exactly like this when she was 6 in 1980, and she LOVED her little raccoon – carried him everywhere!  I listed this little guy on eBay and he recently sold for $20.

I bought this cute beagle at a garage sale last month for 50-cents. He’s in great condition and his tummy has a zipper to hide treasures or store pajamas.  He sold this week for $15.

Many folks purchase these plushies to replace one their child lost or they themselves had as a child.  We baby boomers love to relive our childhood!  Remember the zoo of 15+ plushies I showed you in yesterday’s post?  They will be listed on eBay; and hopefully, will all find good homes very soon!

This cute little Mary Engelbreit canister that I shared in a previous post sold this week at auction for $36.80!  I think I paid $1.80 for it at GW.  It even had a small chip.  I discovered this design is “Oh So Breit” and is a vintage retired design.

The other thrift store I love to haunt is the Salvation Army (SA).  And, on the first and third Friday of every month, they have a 50% off sale.  I think everyone waits to shop on these 2 days because the store is a madhouse and the lines are horrendous. And, of course, I was there on Friday the 3rd.

I picked up these two wood chairs for $15.  The dining chair with arms fits perfectly with my dining set (a garage sale find) and the mission-style chair makes a perfect desk chair for DS#1.

I also found a vintage twin-size headboard and footboard for $10 that I’m going to repurpose.  I couldn’t fit everything in my car so I had to make a second trip with DH and his truck. We went back at 4:00 p.m.and the store was empty!  It was so nice to walk around the store without being shoved and poked.  And, there was still plenty of things to buy.  I think next time I’ll just wait for the afternoon!

Until next time …

Happy thrifting and Goodwill haunting!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

TONS of Fabulous Finds … FUN, FUN, FUN!


It’s time for Rhoda’s Thrift Treasures Party at Southern Hospitality.  I missed last week because of the July 4th holiday but I’m definitely joining this week!

Yesterday I asked my BFF Viv to join me for a Saturday of yard saling.  Viv was awesome driving us all over and I have to tell you:  this girl has a built-in radar for finding sales!  We must have hit at least 10-12. So, without further ado, here’s my haul for the day.

  • Shabby chic wood box with SOAP on the side ($5)
  • Partylite tea light holders AQUA PALS brand new in box ($3)
  • Spode Christmas tree two-tier dish ($2)
  • Cross-stitch linen ($0.50)
  • Pretty pill box ($0.50)
  • Girl’s jean jacket ($3)
  • Two awesome frames ($2)

Two vintage books for $1:  Wuthering Heights 1943 and Anderson’s Fairy Tales 1925.  Aren’t these great?!

I love this little cabinet/side table ($10).  I’ll probably use it in the family room to store my quilting magazines.

Look at this zoo of plush stuffed animals I bought!  I’m always on the lookout for plushies to sell on eBay.  I paid $1 for the vintage Pokeman dragon, but most of these were 25-50 cents … one was even free.

These 3 large bags are filled with chenille squares and bedspreads for baby quilts.  The girl who sold them to me said she used to make baby quilts to sell from old chenille bedspreads.  I paid $15 for the lot and it is well worth the price.  I am thrilled with this fabulous find!

I also picked up some vintage pillowcases and sheet sets; a loveseat cover: and two tapestry pillow covers for crafting.  I paid between 25-cents and $2 for these items.

I paid $1 for this brand new talking animated Eeyore.  His ears move and he “surprises you with funny questions and entertaining answers”.  He’s really cute!  I’m not sure if I'm keeping or selling him.  I also picked up the vintage frame with a silhouette linen for $3.

It was almost noon and we were thinking about calling it a day but decided to hit one more sale.  There was no one around, but in front of the house, on the sidewalk, were several boxes and bags of “stuff’.  There were also a couple of cabinets on the front lawn with a “FREE” sign.  I left the cabinets behind but picked up a bunch of stuff including 2 crochet afghans, an old phone, a tea kettle, vintage pillow covers and pillowcase, and a few other things.  I always say: Cheap is good, but free is better!

Last week, while visiting my BFF Brenda in Big Bear for the 4th, we went to a couple of yard sales.  Big Bear is a resort community and the majority of homeowners are seasonal residents.  There isn’t a large proportion of permanent residents so garage sales are non-existent – except on major holidays when the community is brimming with tourists.

I found these two vintage AVON Christmas trees and two Hershey’s Christmas village buildings to add to my collection.

That’s it for now.  Thank you for stopping by! 
Happy thrifting and Goodwill Haunting!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating July 4th … and Thrifty Treasures

No thrifting or saling this weekend because of the holiday, but I do want to share this cute little bear I purchased a couple days ago at a small church thrift store.  Isn’t he cute?  And perfect for the 4th of July celebration.

I’ve driven past this little thrift store many times but had never stopped in until a few days ago.  To my pleasant surprise, they were having a sale.  Their regular prices are very reasonable, but at 50% off, I bought several items.

These two footed-glass mugs are in excellent condition and were only $1.00!  They have gold-trimmed rims and feature a couple of racehorses.  They are from Hollywood Park, a horse racing track in Inglewood, Calif.  That makes them very collectible because the race track is at risk of being demolished.

Hollywood Park was founded in 1938 by studio mogul Jack Warner, and some of the greatest horses in history have raced at Hollywood Park.  The race track sits on 238 acres of pristine Southern California undeveloped land; and that makes it very, very valuable. So the City Council is considering demolishing this historic, world-class racing venue for a proposed $2 BILLION “Hollywood Park Tomorrow” project.  There is a current movement to save this historic landmark.  For more information, visit their website “Save Hollywood Park”.

(UPDATE 2018: The track has been demolished and replaced with Hollywood Park Casino, a premier casino and entertainment venue which opened in September 2016. So sad!)

Yesterday, I met up with my BFF Brenda to celebrate her birthday, and we had a blast!  We did a little shopping; had a great BBQ lunch, and then it was off to the movies where we saw “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp.  It was a great day that ended too soon,  But we’ll be seeing each other again tomorrow for the holiday when we go visit her in Big Bear, a popular mountain resort.  Am so looking forward to it!

Wishing you a great 4th of July holiday and Goodwill Haunting!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Week Anniversary


Today marks one week that I started blogging! And, I’m so excited to have my first follower!  Thank you, Suzanne from Texas for following. She makes the cutest button bow collars for pets and even has some video tutorials. Please visit her at Suzanne’s Crazy for Collars.  And be sure to check out Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Bloggeritaville for show-and-tell.  Check out my thrifty treasures below.

I don’t usually go to the GW thrift store during the week as most half-off items are gone.  Saturday is when the half-off color changes and that’s the day to  go!  But it was payday today and I had to go to the grocery store … and well, GW is right next door.  How convenient is that?  It’s like a big giant magnet that pulls me and I can’t help it, LOL!  I’m so glad I did because I found some really neat things.  It was even better because DS#2 went with me, and we had fun looking at all the funny, kitschy and weird things they had.

Framed Handcrafted Tarpunto & Candlewick Nesting Hen 8x10 - $2
New Latch Hook Christmas Stocking - 99 Cents
I love this beautiful blue tall glass jar - $2.99
I've been eyeing this ginger jar for awhile and I was surprised it was still there.  Picked it up at 50% off for $2.
This Japanese teapot is much prettier in person - $3.99
The ovenware bowl was only $1 and the cute S/P shakers were 99-cents each. They look like mini outdoor lamps!
This colorful clay mask was only $1.99 - I just love it!
I purchase many of my “thrifting and saling items as inventory to stock my eBay store.  I’m always looking for one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find, and collectible items.  You’d be surprised what sells on eBay.  Be sure to visit often as I will be sharing some interesting items I’ve sold online.

Tomorrow I’m off to visit my friend Brenda for a BFF Day.  I haven't seen her for a while because she just returned from London.  She was there for her birthday so we’ll be celebrating after-the-fact.  She is a kindred spirit and LOVES thrifting, saling and dumpster diving as much as I do!

Happy thrifting and Goodwill Haunting!